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How SchoolHouse Is Aiming To Reimagine Education With Mircroschools

By News Creatives Authors , in Leadership , at July 27, 2021

Many parents, caregivers, and guardians are struggling with some concerns over how their child will return to public school in the Fall. While it seems the majority of schools will be returning to in-person learning, some understandably remain worried about the pandemic, their children’s education and the class sizes.

While the company, SchoolHouse, was launched before the pandemic in January 2020, they are aware of these concerns.

“Launching before the pandemic, SchoolHouse opened its doors as a solution to satisfy parents’ desire for hyper-tailored education,” said Brian Tobal, CEO of SchoolHouse. “Specifically for children K-8, SchoolHouse consists of organized pods of less than ten students for the benefit of in-person learning, with the flexibility of at-home lessons that can be curated to meet the needs of each student.”

They aim to provide the tools needed to ensure that children receive an enriching educational experience in a learning pod with greater flexibility and personalized attention than traditional schools can offer.

“We have a recipe for academic excellence and personalization that can be delivered anywhere in the country. We can set up a new school in as little as three days,” Tobal adds.

Building A New Kind of Education

Since its inception, SchoolHouse has successfully launched over 50 microschools in ten states, with each microschool reflecting the families’ needs.

For example, in Connecticut, SchoolHouse found a Montessori school for a group of parents who did not live near any available programs. In addition, schoolHouse started an arts-focused school for families whose local school district canceled art classes in upstate New York.

The company also launched a microschool with a private school teacher for a family that had recently relocated from New York City to Florida and wanted a college prep school education rigor. Each microschool created aims to be uniquely responsive to the demands and interests of the parents and students.

The company selects a small percentage of top teachers from various backgrounds to offer families the ability to choose the teaching style that best suits their needs and values. In addition, microschool can customize their curriculum drawing on private, public, charter, or alternative education programs like Montessori and Waldorf, while SchoolHouse ensures each school meets state education requirements.

“We allow families to attend an excellent school wherever they are located,” says Joseph Connor, COO of SchoolHouse. “By pairing a preferred curriculum with an excellent teacher, small class size, and parental involvement, we can provide a world-class education anywhere in the United States.”

An Option For Autistic Children

As the parent of an autistic child myself, securing the tools and resources for your child is a continual pursuit. Autistic children may need speech therapy, a differently placed curriculum, or simply more attention to engage them fully.

When asked about this, Tobal responded, “Typical elementary school classes will assign a randomly selected teacher per 30 students. However, SchoolHouse enables parents to choose the teacher that is right for them. The company vets outstanding teachers from various backgrounds, including private, public, and charter schools, so parents can choose the educational style that best suits the child’s needs. This is great for children who have learning difficulties, are autistic, or need specialized attention in one subject area.”

According to Tobal, tailored learning allows students to focus on their strengths: instead of being held back to the standards of the rest of the class. As a result, students can move forward with their learning goals in mind, including those with special needs. He also adds that learning remotely offers a safe, enriching, bully-free environment for kids to learn, develop and flourish

As for future goals, SchooHouse wants to put a school in every community in the country. That means training thousands of teachers across the country to run and operate their microschools.

Ultimately, when it comes to children, whether they are neurotypical, autistic, or have special needs, if this is something you’re considering, it really depends on the child, the modality of how they learn best, and what works best for you and your family.


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