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Are You Living Life By A Question?

By News Creatives Authors , in Small Business , at July 26, 2021

By Kass Thomas—  

Have you ever wondered how you could transform your life for the better if you let the magic of you lead you through a less travelled path of life?

Did you know that Neil Armstrong—the first person to walk on the moon had an option to attend MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)? Who would refuse this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity? This naval aviator did. 

After watching a football game, he chose to study at Purdue University instead. That decision changed the course of his life and eventually that of history. Had he followed the predictable route, he might never have become the legend he is. 

Let’s talk about another bold risk-taker—Sarah Blakely, the self-made American billionaire. The founder of Spanx had saved 5,000 dollars from selling fax machines door-to-door. She used all of it to start Spanx. What if she hadn’t followed her intuition? What if she hadn’t taken this risk? The women’s fashion industry would be completely different. 

Predictable routes are steps you should take. The choices made to appease others or to follow a standard lifestyle such as attending university, choosing a job that will pay your bills, getting married, having kids… You buy the right clothes to impress your “friends.” You buy a house in a certain neighborhood. You drive a car that others will admire. All of these choices should secure your future. 

They should  cement your status in a certain group and yet, you don’t always feel fulfilled. Why is that? Because you are living a life based on decisions, judgments, calculations and conclusions. 

What would it be like instead to be living life by a question?

The Audacity of Asking Questions 

The power of a question resides in its potential to open up a myriad of possibilities you can explore. For example, when you ask yourself, “If I choose this job or project now, what will my life be like five years from now? Will it offer me more possibilities to choose from, add more value to my life, and permit me to be a greater contribution to the world?” Wait for a moment to receive the answer and notice what comes to you. Note the energy in your body. What does it communicate? How do you feel when you think of that possible future? 

The millisecond after you ask a question, if you feel light and expansive, happy and enthusiastic; if there is an inner smile in you, know that you are in alignment with your true self. If you feel down or heavy, a bit sad or stuck, know that this option will demand you to betray your core being. 

It may be a high-paying, excellent job offer but it may suck the light and life out of you. Ask yourself, “Is reaching that destination so important to me? Is it all about that end result? What about the arduous journey I will have to endure until I reach my target? Is it really worth it?” 

Intellect and Intuition

At this point, there will always be a tussle between intellect and intuition. The job of the mind is to ensure you are safe. In most cases, we have assigned it that responsibility. Therefore, the mind will deter you from following your heart’s calling. 

Intuition always follows bliss. That is why when you abide by it, you experience an unexplainable joy and contentment. How do you decide which path to choose? You simply tap into the uniqueness of you. How do you do that? Ask a question. 

Lucid Living 

As per recorded history, the total number of human beings that have ever lived (and are living) on this planet until now is over 100 billion! No one life has ever been the same as another. This means there are over 100 billion unique stories to discover. 

You have developed distinct talents in this lifetime. It is time to unveil your hidden treasures. Choose a path that will allow you to exercise your uniqueness and make a difference in the world, and to the world. You are 1 in over 100 billion! That is how unique you are. Your story in this tapestry of human history needs to be told. Don’t squander the miracle of you in the name of a standard existence!  

Each day when you awaken, take a few deep breaths. This will calm your mind. Then, ask yourself – “How can I be the best version of me today?” Sit with this question for a few minutes. Don’t rush to get an answer. 

If a reply does not seem to come your way immediately, or if you’re not sure how you should interpret the response, don’t worry. Know that the universe will present you situations throughout the day whereby you can demonstrate the best version of you.

 Allow Yourself to Be 

Another powerful aspect of living by asking questions, rather than living through conclusions, is living in allowance. 

Allowance permits you to see things from a fresh perspective, without any judgment or obligation to do anything. You will therefore invite more opportunities. It opens doorways to unforeseen futures. If certain aspects of your life seem different, it may signal the birth of a new creation that you hadn’t planned or anticipated. If you allow yourself to take that path (instead of your predictable one) there’s no telling where you might end up. By following your intuition, and overcoming the primal fear of taking risks, you will change your life and perhaps even leave an indelible imprint on the world. 

When you lead an authentic life, following your true calling, you are constantly in a state of bliss. Instead of bringing out the worst in you, your struggles make you stronger. When you arrive in a place of inner peace, when you are content and healthy, you are a contribution to yourself and to everyone and everything around you.

Conventional wisdom dictates that people who concentrate on themselves are selfish, but that is not necessarily true. Even the unabashed optimist/altruist who cares more for others than she does for herself, who’s always there to listen and give support, money, her time and energy, will eventually need to recharge, refuel and reassess. If you understand the energy dynamic and heed what your personal energy is communicating to you, you can continue to give without depleting your own resources. Nourish your life, your needs, and you will be able to give even more. 

Louise Hay, the renowned author and founder of Hay House, a leading publishing house, once said: “Should is a word that makes a prisoner of me. Every time I say ‘should,’ I am making myself wrong, or I am making someone else wrong. In effect, I am saying I am not good enough.” 

Living life from a perspective of how it should be led—choosing those standardized paths and probable outcomes is the route most people take. Having led miserable, uneventful or unfulfilling lives, most regret not having followed their dreams and passions. Many wish they could turn back the clock to alter the trajectory of their lives. Time travel is still science fiction, however it is never too late to start leading an authentic life—you can still live every moment in the realm of possibilities rather than foregone conclusions. 

No matter where you are in the journey of your life, press the pause button. Ask yourself, “Am I the best me I can be?” If the answer is no, take baby steps to alter your course. Don’t be afraid to ask questions, to evaluate your choices based on your own happiness. 

After all, only you can be the best version of you

Kass Thomas is a communication expert and author of Dancing with Riches. She is a catalyst for multicultural inclusion and believes there is so much more that unites us than separates us.


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