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How To Compete For Drivers Against Walmart And Amazon

By News Creatives Authors , in Small Business , at July 16, 2021

E-commerce and online retail continue to increase. As of now, 87% of consumers made a purchase online.

When you see statistics like that, you know that delivery is essential for a myriad of businesses. So if you own a trucking company or are starting one, you can rest assured knowing you’re in a profitable market.

Except you have one major obstacle: competing against big players such as Amazon and Walmart when finding drivers. Without great drivers, you won’t retain customers, and your sales will decrease.

As long as you know how to compete for drivers, you’ll offer something that big-box brands don’t have. Keep reading to find out how.

Why Do Amazon and Walmart Hire So Many Drivers?

Before you discover how to hire drivers, let’s see what big-box names such as Amazon and Walmart are doing right and wrong.

The Promise of Great Pay

Amazon and Walmart are two of the biggest companies in the world. Because of this fact, they offer benefits that most small businesses can’t offer.

Great wages are a perfect example. For example, this Walmart delivery driver said she makes $100,000!

Amazon also encourages drivers to use their resources and start their own driving business, claiming that drivers can make as much as $300k per year.

However, there are issues with this setup. First, Amazon won’t cover the cost of your fleet or the resources. Not only that, but they require you to invest in 40 vehicles (which that alone is around $2 million).


Amazon also knows how to compete with Walmart’s great wages.

One of the perks of Amazon is the great benefits they offer. And this extends beyond health insurance and bonuses — Amazon now offers Amazon Flex, where delivery drivers can drive their own vehicles.

Job Security

With the economy in its current state, skilled drivers want to have job security. They have this with the big box brands; they have enough money to pay for their fleet and can also afford good wages and benefits.

Not only that, but the work is there. Amazon, Walmart, and other big companies see lots of success with next-day delivery and other products.

This is all at the expense of independent trucking companies. Many companies struggle to quote their cost per fleet, making it difficult to provide great salaries and benefits.

Downsides of Driving for Walmart and Amazon

However, driving for Walmart and Amazon also comes with downsides.

While that Walmart delivery driver said she makes a six-figure salary by delivering packages, she also said she works 80-hour weeks and has only had one day off in a year. She also explains she went in with little training.

Keep in mind, that same driver said she’s technically not an employee of Walmart but a third-party company that handles its deliveries.

Many Amazon drivers also have a long list of complaints. Like Walmart’s delivery drivers, most complained about long work hours. Some even mentioned they install AI surveillance cameras in their vehicles.

What Can You Do?

Now that we identified some of the complaints that big-box brands face, you can see how you can attract skilled drivers.

Offering fair hours, time off, plenty of training, and privacy are core issues reported by other drivers.

Offer healthy eating perks, such as coupons and gift cards to restaurants with healthy menu options. Allow employees to take breaks, whether that be a break to stretch their legs or take frequent bathroom stops.

Last but not least, your drivers want more than just a job. They want a career. Make this the focal point of your retention strategy. This way, you can attract drivers fresh out of high school.

How to Compete for Drivers: Hire the Most Skilled Employees

Now that you know how to compete for drivers, you’ll want to consider other reasons why you may have difficulty hiring drivers and other employees. We offer many solutions for you, such as turnaround consulting, employee training, and employee evaluation.

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