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Futures Game’s Top Prospects Draw Collectors To Bowman’s 2021 Baseball Card Set

By News Creatives Authors , in Business , at July 15, 2021

Major League Baseball’s young stars were on display at the 2021 Futures Game in Denver for the first time in two seasons, as MLB skipped its All-Star festivities during the pandemic-shortened 2020 campaign. Many fans were able to finally catch their first glimpse of baseball’s top prospects in action, as the minor leagues were on hiatus during 2020. The blossoming sports card market has enhanced the anticipation of these newcomers, many of whom are featured in the 2021 Bowman Baseball card set.

The set’s release signals the start of the prospecting season for collectors, with the 2021 issue holding added significance as fans can now watch the players progress through a complete minor league campaign. The timing of the Futures Game has turned collectors towards the prospect heavy 2021 Bowman Baseball card set, as it is the first 2021 release where collectors can scoop up their favorite prospects and actively monitor their performance. With hobby box prices holding steady around $230, demand should sustain throughout the season as the prospects climb within their respective minor league systems.

The two Futures Game participants with the most sought-after autographs in 2021 Bowman Baseball are 2020’s first overall draft pick, Spencer Torkelson, and Yoelqui Céspedes, brother of Yoenis. Both of their Chrome autographs are going for over $100 each, while their rarer serial numbered parallels have experienced a significant boost in the days following the contest. As of this writing, a Torkelson signed Chrome Mojo refractor numbered to 25 reached $437 on eBay, while Céspedes’ Sapphire Green autograph parallel numbered to 50 hit an eye-popping $493.88.

As these prospects get promoted, expect to see prices rise as collectors try to catch a rising star before they turn heads in the major leagues. While deep-pocketed collectors will chase the autographs, there is a place for everyday fans to take part in the action with 2021 Bowman Baseball.

The Futures Game participants’ Bowman Chrome cards are very reasonably priced, which is another factor that will sustain long-term attraction to the set. You will find all the major prospects in the 150-card set, including Futures Game MVP Brennen Davis, Jasson Dominguez, Bobby Witt Jr. and Adley Rutschman. Most of the Futures Game stars have their first Bowman Chrome cards in earlier Bowman sets, which allows their 2021 Bowman Chrome cards to sell for a few dollars each on the secondary market. This lower entry point makes their 2021 cards a safe pickup for fans who are looking build their collections without a significant investment.

Collectors can get lost in the whirlwind of Topps and Bowman’s baseball card sets issued during the season; however, this year’s Bowman Baseball should stand out from the rest, despite its $230 price tag. The box prices are supported in the current market by heavy speculation, as collectors are willing to pay up to land the next star before they become a household name. Watching these prospects during this year’s Futures Game has only added to 2021 Bowman Baseball’s allure and will keep these cards in demand throughout the summer now that a wider baseball audience has been able to see them perform on a national stage.


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