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‘Trigun’ Fans Can Rejoice, As ‘Trigun Stampede’ Will Be Released Next Year

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One of the biggest manga and anime hits of the 90s, that of the wonderful Trigun, will be getting a new anime called Trigun Stampede to be released next year.

The original Trigun started out as a manga in 1995 and was penned by Yasuhiro Nightow, who would later work on the Gungrave games. Followed by a very successful anime series in 1998, the story chronicled Vash the Stampede and the immense bounty on his head.

Trigun is definitely one of a few fan favorite series from the 90s and to tackle a new entry now is definitely not at all trivial.

Thankfully, the CG studio Orange will be handling the anime’s production and they have a pretty great track record.

While some of the PR for this new series listed Orange as being the “best 3D animation studio” out there, producer Yoshihiro Watanabe from the studio was quick to counter that with a refreshingly down to earth Tweet.

That alone gives me hope that the team on this will do right by Trigun’s legacy, because it’s clear they aren’t full of themselves.

Bar the announcement, there isn’t much to go one yet, bar the key art (shown above) that seems to indicate Vash looking down over a large, crashed spaceship.

Anyway, we will just have to wait and see how the The Humanoid Typhoon will fare in this new animated adventure, though I am sure there will be enough “love and peace” to go around for everyone.

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