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‘Rick And Morty’ Season 5, Episode 7 Recap: Rick Indulges His Inner Anime Nerd

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Throughout season 5 of Rick and Morty, Rick Sanchez has been a bit … melancholic. 

In “Gotron Jerrysis Rickvangelion,” it’s nice to see Rick return to his old gleeful, hedonistic ways, belching and drooling his way to ecstasy, especially since he’s having fun nerding out over giant anime robots, known as “GoTrons.”


For Morty, however, Rick’s GoTron obsession has ruined what was sure to be the time of his life, a trip to “Boob World,” a theme park crafted for the male gaze, recently rebranded as a feminist empowerment statement (which explains why Morty invited his own sister). 

Summer might be disappointed to learn that her invitation was nothing but a box-checking exercise, but she quickly switches gears after learning that the Boob World trip is being postponed so Rick can indulge in his own adolescent fantasies. No doubt, Rick has spent many happy days at Boob World already. 

Soon, the Smith family is brought together for a genuinely wholesome experience; what could be a better bonding exercise than collectively forming a giant robot, and coordinating a fight against an insect kaiju?   

But Rick views the GoTron assembly as just the beginning – like any serious toy collector, he can’t stop at one. Rick wants to create a “GoGoTron,” and thus, invites some mafia-themed Rick variants to form a collective of GoTron collectors. Summer is promoted to his right-hand woman, while Morty is left stewing in the shadows.

It’s an absurd, electric blend of two very different genres, even if neither of the parodies feel fully realized. As Rick manages to bring together more and more GoTrons, becoming steadily more unhinged with each victory, Morty is pushed to the sidelines.

The new family dynamic begins to collapse after Morty is kidnapped by a group of anime characters, boasting weird speech patterns and everything (for full commitment to the bit, they should have hired the cheapest, most incompetent voice actors they could find, to really replicate the unsettling, out-of-context English dub). 

The anime kids, obviously the true owners of the GoTrons, want Rick to stop playing with their toys, but Morty manages to outgun them. His loyalty, however, is not rewarded – the Smiths have enthusiastically embraced the Goodfellas life, and kick Morty to the curb. It doesn’t take long for Summer, drunk with power (and Rick’s approval) to fire her own parents. 


Of course, Summer immediately realizes that her own loyalty is of little value to Rick – he instantly replaces her with one of the anime girls, unaware that their plan is to steal his collection of GoTrons.

Hence, Rick joins together his now ridiculous collection of GoTrons to form one gargantuan robot (which, to be honest, looks identical to the previous versions – there is no sense of scale to the  behemoth). While Rick enjoys nerding out, the Smith family get together to nurse their wounded egos, and for Summer to explain why the giant incest baby is about to make a comeback. 

Yup, that gross-out gag was more than a throwaway reference to 2001: A Space Odyssey – it turns out that Summer formed a motherly bond with the thing, after the U.S. military attempted to use her to turn it into a superweapon. 


Soon, the Smith family reward Rick’s indifference with a rescue plan, and the incest baby smashes the biggest GoTron to pieces, while Rick is busy with a Scarface parody. 

It’s a fun, fast-moving episode that doesn’t really reach a cohesive conclusion – but it’s nice to see Rick let loose again, as the family scrabble for his respect, against their own better judgement.

Hilariously, the post-credits scene even puts those giant insect invasions into context, as we learn that the creatures are actually well-intentioned, trying to spread the cure for AIDS across the universe, but are being mutated by entering their portals, and viciously gunned down by the military, or stomped by a GoTron. 

Naturally, the whole cycle of death and suffering is completely unnecessary, just another way for Rick to alleviate the endless boredom of being the smartest man in the universe.

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