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Facing Adversity: Why Entrepreneurs Must Believe In Themselves

By News Creatives Authors , in Small Business , at January 1, 1970

Erick Sanchez, CEO Initiate Solar.

When starting a new business venture, you need to have faith in your vision. You have to believe the mission is worth completing and that there are no obstacles too significant or impossible when it comes down to achieving what’s important.

Adversity will always encounter opportunity. From the book Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill, I learned at age 21 that adversity always brings a gift in return. That gift is the reward for your hard work and dedication.

Faith is the ultimate elixir, and I’m not talking about religious faith here. In business, “faith” means having unyielding confidence, conviction and belief that you can do what you say and come through for the company and your clients. That’s faith.

You must also develop a sustainable business model for your business to prosper and have a strong core team to delegate tasks. Business sustainability means being able to change with current trends and economies. Staying in your zone of genius will allow your business to expand and profit.

Furthermore, learn to articulate your vision and be OK with starting from scratch. That means letting go of the people who don’t align with your values. Alignment is more important than the assignment. Focusing on attracting individuals who have the same core values as your company will create a much more significant impact and help you accomplish your mission because everyone is working toward the same end goal. You need to have faith in yourself and believe you have what it takes to grow your business to the next level.

What are some of the practices you can do to increase your faith in yourself?

Do what you fear the most. For example, are you afraid of letting go of someone in your organization? Ask yourself: Is that person matching the company’s core values? Don’t justify the money this person brings into your business as a reason to keep them. It hurts your long-term success with short-term gain.

No matter what your fear is, leaders can overcome fear through action. In my experience, activity solves all problems. To face your fears, you can join mastermind or networking communities where you can be vulnerable and share the struggles of the business; in communities like these, other leaders might have already faced that same situation and can help you overcome it. I consider fear to be false evidence that seems real; our mind uses fear to try to stop us from moving forward. Overcoming these mental barriers sets you up for success. See challenges as an opportunity to grow and become better.

Walk the talk. Do what’s hard, and it will eventually become easy. I believe you attract what you tolerate. When you’re facing adversity, believe that it’s happening for you instead of to you. The lessons you learn during the beginning stages could be what help skyrocket your business.

Tell yourself positive affirmations. When you speak with certainty, expect the best to happen while preparing for the worst. You can win when you have the right mindset. Reciting daily positive affirmations can help you find the conviction you need to keep going or reinforce a belief you already have. I’ve found it to be very rewarding to reaffirm my beliefs and then do the work and see the results from it.

Remain open to opportunities. As a leader, you want to become a magnet for opportunities, but you can’t do that if you’re constantly chasing a single outcome. I’ve found that many business owners often focus on the end goal for their company, while others focus on the process. The entrepreneurial journey is about both the outcome and the process while adjusting and improving it along the way. You must learn to trust the process and the journey you are on. In my experience, the answers we are looking for appear when we are ready to receive that knowledge. It’s like when the student is ready, the teacher will show up.

Do the work. Continue to take action even after not getting the results you want. Don’t stop or give up. Why? Because you are telling the universe with actions that you are committed to your vision. You are doing the work. It’s only a matter of when you will break through that ceiling and go to new heights. Keep going. You might be one idea away from a big win or one call away from a new client.

The takeaway: Don’t give up when facing adversities.

We all face adversities in life. It’s how you overcome them that makes the difference. Many times in my life, I have been faced with challenges. At first, it was tough to stay positive and push through. But, once I got past the initial shock of the situation, I realized that this was an opportunity for me to grow stronger and wiser. When you maintain a positive attitude, you can gain clarity and make better decisions. Here are three things I suggest doing when you face adversity:

1. Stay positive and don’t give up.

2. Take action. Don’t just sit around and feel sorry for yourself.

3. Reach out to others for help and support.

These are teachings I put into practice every day with all my businesses. Today, we are growing and expanding our companies globally. What started as only an idea and a dream has turned into a reality. Look forward to the future, and have faith that you can achieve your purpose and your calling.

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