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Box Office: ‘Black Widow’ Tops ‘Captain America,’ And ‘Ant-Man’ And ‘Thor’ Are Next

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In holdover news that isn’t about The Suicide Squad, Disney’s Jungle Cruise earned $2.52 million (-45%) on its third Friday, setting the stage for an $8.95 million (-43%) weekend and $88.1 million 17-day total. That’s a decent hold, one that will make the difference between over or under $100 million domestic. Barring a collapse, which is now less likely as most of what’s coming are horror movies and/or adult-skewing programmers, the film could end up north of $110 million domestic. That would, once it passes Godzilla Vs. Kong ($100 million) easily make it the year’s fourth-biggest domestic grosser.

It’ll sit (way) behind A Quiet Place 2 ($160 million), F9 ($172 million-and-counting) and Black Widow ($178 million-and-counting). That’s a solid total for a Dwayne Johnson star vehicle, as even Rampage grossed just $103 million (but $430 million worldwide) However, the $200 million budget and overall overseas weakness (obviously situational) makes this one more reliant on Disney+ than it otherwise would have been. The question is, at least in North America, just how close this was to business as usual.

M. Night Shyamalan’s Old earned $700,000 (-42%) on its fourth Friday, setting the stage for a $2.36 million (-43%) weekend and $43 million 24-day cume. The film will triple its $18 million (self-financed) budget in domestic theatrical alone, with a likely $75 million-plus global cume by tomorrow. So, yeah, between Wrath of Man, Old and Free Guy, there is still a place for reasonably budgeted originals or new-to-you adaptations. And yeah, for a price, M. Night Shyamalan is still a butts-in-seats marquee director.

Scarlett Johansson’s Black Widow grossed $540,000 (-54%) on its sixth Friday for a likely $1.86 million (-53%) weekend and $178.1 million domestic cume. It has passed the $176 million cume of Captain America: The First Avenger and pass the unadjusted domestic cumes of Thor ($181 million) and Ant-Man ($181 million tomorrow. It looks like Disney+ really did make the difference between over/under $200 million in the end, although money is money. Marvel will be fine, as this B-level prequel was never going to be their next mega-blockbuster, but Bad Boys For Life remains undefeated nonetheless.

Matt Damon’s Stillwater earned $370,000 (-53%) on Friday for a $1.28 million (-55%) weekend and $12.523 million 17-day gross. A24’s The Green Knight, which is getting a one-night-only VOD release this Wednesday, earned $340,000 (-56%) on Friday for a $1.17 million (-55%) weekend and $14.745 million 17-day cume. That’s already among the higher-grossing A24 flicks. Even in normal times, that would be a halfway decent run for the Dev Patel-starring arthouse fantasy. Likewise, $5 million for Roadrunner is pretty decent for an Anthony Bourdain documentary.


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