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Billionaires Blow Pandemic Cash On Real Estate Shopping Spree

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Over the past year billionaire wealth has reached record highs. Now comes the real estate boom as they blow their newly-earned cash on $10 million-plus properties.

So far this year, 785 properties worth more than $10 million have been sold in New York, Los Angeles, Hong Kong, London, Sydney, Singapore and Dubai. Knight Frank, a real estate consultancy, estimates that figure is more than double last year’s and up 52% on 2019’s.


In total, wealthy buyers around the world spent $13.8 billion on homes valued in excess of $10 million during the first six months of this year. “We expect super-prime sales to end 2021 on a high,” comments Liam Bailey, global head of research at Knight Frank.

New York has seen the biggest increase in the super-prime category, with 202 sales above $10 million this year. The city has just clocked its most expensive property listing ever: A penthouse at 432 Park Avenue valued at $169 million.

The penthouse might just sell for its asking price: Already there have been 220 penthouses sold in Manhattan this year, according to Corcoran market research. A separate report from Douglas Elliman and Miller Samuel shows the median price for Manhattan apartments hit $999,000 in the second quarter of this year, a new record.

After New York, Los Angeles has seen the biggest increase in super-prime sales. Transactions of $10 million-plus properties this year are three times higher than the same period last year, which Paddy Dring, global head of prime sales at Knight Frank, says is down to “lifestyle advantages, such as beaches and green space.”

But there is more to this real estate boom than lifestyle needs. The rich have amassed a record amount of wealth in the past year, and, with Covid-19 restrictions easing, they are desperately seeking somewhere to put it.

During the first 12-months of the Covid-19 pandemic, wealth hit record highs. By October 2020, billionaire wealth surpassed $10 trillion for the first time ever. Forbes’ list of billionaires, now at 2,755 individuals, grew their wealth from $8 trillion in 2020 to $13.1 trillion this year.


And it’s not just billionaires: Last month the world’s total net wealth hit $431 trillion, with over a quarter of it controlled by millionaires.

But with inflation around the corner, these billionaires and millionaires are now looking for somewhere to invest this new found wealth. Half of the investors surveyed by UBS in the second quarter believe inflation will accelerate over the next 12 months, and a third of them are planning to invest more in real estate to circumvent it from eroding their wealth.

Doubts over the future of the office are making residential real estate increasingly attractive for investors with cash to burn. There will always be a need for quality housing in New York, Los Angeles, Hong Kong, London, Sydney, Singapore, and Dubai.


But whether the wealthy will follow their money and return to these cities with their newly purchased apartments is still unknown.

By July last year, nearly half of wealthy individuals around the world had fled cities for good. Expats from Singapore and Dubai returned home and brought properties in the suburbs or rural areas. Alongside record $10 million-plus properties, countryside markets have reached record highs this year.

One billionaire, speaking over Zoom from an English vineyard he purchased just before the pandemic, says there is “not a hope” he will return to London full time. And yet he is still eyeing up real estate investments in the capital. Sales of $10 million-plus homes in London are up 10% on last year.


Buying prime property is a “tried and tested” way to ward off inflation, he says. But it is also a vote of confidence that, one day, these cities will again thrive.


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